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Friday, April 07, 2006


The Capranica has moved!! That's right for all three of you who read this blog, you will need to change the address to get your regular doses of theological Italian food. The new address is: New posts will all be posted there.

So Judas Got It Right!??

gospel of judas.jpgThe four canonical Gospels have been scrutinized for centuries. Every word, every letter of every page of each Gospel has been examined. Seminars have been held where so-called scholars vote on which words and phrases were actually said by Jesus. Amazingly, the Gospels have held their own for all of these centuries. The scrutiny has only demonstrated their resilience and I would say further corroborate their inspiration.

However, when a 2nd (possibly 3rd) century gnostic 'Gospel' is found that discounts the accounts of the highly scrutinized and well testified canonical Gospels, the world is eager to accept it as truth and fact with very little scrutiny. Liberals and unbelievers who don't want to accept the canonical Jesus are eager for any alternative. And now they have one.

judas 2.jpgThe Gospel of Judas makes Judas out to be a hero - a man helpful in fulfilling Jesus' personal plans for the cross. It is interesting to listen to the well educated scholars speak of this 'Gospel.' They immediately begin pointing to the idea that the canonical Gospels are stories told through the propaganda of the early Christians and is therefore not historically reliable. However, this new 'Gospel' dating at least one hundred to one hundred and fifty years after the last apostle (who personally knew Jesus), is immediately portrayed as a more objective and less 'Christianized' (understood as distorted) account of what 'really' happened.

judas.jpgOnce again, we have evidence of the effects of the Fall on the will of mankind. Evidence and objective criteria for rational belief are not the elements missing for most people that would drive them toward belief. No, they do not want to believe. As a matter of fact, if anything contrary to the Bible comes out it is readily affirmed, simply because it contradicts the 'progaganda' of the Bible. The Gospel of Judas is not a display of modern scholarship. It is merely a display of modern modes of unbelief.

Some thoughts and resources regarding The Gospel of Judas:

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Why Guys Can't Grow Up

Is the Problem Cultural or Chemical? What's Happening to Boys? Are we surprised at the fact that boys are neglecting personal responsibility when their chief 'hobbies' are countless hours killing computer generated aliens/police/prostitutes/gangsters/Islam armies, and watching Spike TV? How much have we encouraged maturity in guys when we tell them that their natural penchant for laziness is really nothing more than the amoral chemicals forcing their brain and body into slothfullness? Maybe we need to try somethingnew like stricter parenting, less TV, more reading, forcing them to do their homework and corporal punishment in the school for poor behavior. But then that would require more maturity and responsibility in adults. We're sunk.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Results of a California Eduction

Paperweight Severs Calif. Teacher's Hand - Yahoo! News "Today's lesson kids, creative ways to usee a 40 mm ammunition round." Bet this was very educational for the class. Perhaps they had an anatomy lesson of the hand, or the effects of shrapnel wounds in the torso.

How Did the Chinese Come Up with This Before We Did?

Chinese man bids to sell his soul on auction site - Yahoo! News Now this is a very clever way to make E-bay money. I just can't believe the Chinese came up with it first. Must have been someone educated in America.

Jesus may have walked on ice?

Jesus may have walked on ice? - Yahoo! News Naturalism just cannot conceive of anything beyond what humans can explain within the bounds of finite comprehension. So, according to this theory, it was cold enough for ice to form just under the surface of the sea and Jesus found a good chunck of it that just happned to lead right to Peter's boat. Peter must have found a piece of it too, but when concern took over, he lost track of where the ice was and fell off. So, it really wasn't his faith that faultered, it was just his footing. Yep, that makes good sense.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Evolutionists Demand Intolerance

Now They Are Afraid of the Students -- The Intellectual Anxiety of the Evolutionists Heres is Dr. Mohler's take on a recent L.A. Times article demonstrating the response of evolutionists to students questioning their teachers on the subject.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

I Wondered When We Might Hear This

Depression Hits Some Preachers' Wives - Yahoo! News I dont' disagree. I am married to a pastor's wife. I am a child of a pastor's wife. I've seen the pressures and the expectations. Nothing short of a vibrant relationship with Christ and total reliance on the mercy and grace of God keeps one from such an inevitalble depression. Then again, isn't that true for most everyone?

Are We Guilty of Divisiveness?

Triablogue: "Dividing the body of Christ" Amen.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Christianity Today and Pentecostalism

CT has been posting a number of articles chronicling Pentecostalism as they reach the century mark in America.

Each of these articles reveal much not only about Pentecostalism but Christianity Today and the plight of the Gospel in many corners of the evangelical world.

Africa's Azuza Street

Full Gospel's Fractured Thinking Grading the Movement Our Anit-Intellectual Heritage Pentecostals: The Sequel Pentecostal Connections