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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Contemporary Church's Missing Link

What is it that current contemporary-driven churches lack in their approach to worship? Let me allow a friend of mine who is currently converting to Catholicism give her evaluation after attending both a Baptist contemporary service and her new-found Catholic service. Her blog reveals her opinion of the differences: Dual Church Going. While I have a number of issues of disagreement regarding the Catholic Church's view of salvation and all of the trappings associated with their sacerdotalism, I find it interesting that a young adult who is seriously seeking a relationship with Christ finds the missing link in the contemporary church to be "reverence for God" and "truth" as the basis of the worship. While I have a number of disagreements with my friend and her take on what "truth" consists and whether or not the ritual of the Catholic system is actually biblically reverencing God, I nonetheless respect her evaluation. I have long believed that the contemporary drive in many churches has less to do with God than it does with man-centered marketing. How telling that a former Baptist is looking for God-centeredness and finds less of it in the contemporary service she attended and more in the theologically errant system of Catholicism. I have addressed a number of these concerns in a sermon (and series of sermons) entitled Heaven Help Our Worship - Part 1 and Part 2


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