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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

MR John Roberts - no MRS.

The President has made his choice. I heard while driving home from work: John G. Roberts, Jr. We'll be watching the reports as they come in. See Justin Taylor's note regarding Roberts. I'll be watching to see what Bill Kristol has to say also. UPDATE: Watching Fox News, Bill Kristol suggested, just before the announcement, that the President's choice is not a safe choice, but a provocative one, suggesting that John Roberts is a strong conservative. Kristol also said that the safe choice was a woman (sticking to his previous revised suggestion). Kristol has also suggested that Roberts is not as conservative as Scalia and Thomas, but more along the lines of the current Chief Justice Rehnquist. WED UPDATE: See Bill Kristol's comments from today in The Weekly Standard. Charles Schumer has thrown down the gauntlet, noting that Judge Roberts received his negative vote previously for a lower court of appeals appointment. Obviously, the liberal side is amassing against him already. Roberts has already has a wiki as the nominee for the court.


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