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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Princeton Cemetery's Treasures

Marvin Olasky of World Magazine fame notes some of the interesting history you will find at the Presbyterian cemetery in Princeton N.J. Two years ago, the two pastors I serve with and myself toured the cemetery, locating the burial markers of theological greats like B.B. Warfield and the Hodges (i.e., Charles Hodge). Other facinating personages include President Grover Cleveland and George Gallup. In my estimation, one of the most facinating arrangements in the cemetery is that of Jonathan Edwards, his son-in-law, Aaron Burr, and Edwards' grandson, Aaron Burr (the former U.S. Vice President). The former Vice President's headsone sits at the feet of his father and grandfather. According to Ian Murray, "In a career as a soldier, lawyer, and politician - becoming Vice President of the United States - he lived 'without God.' Dying, virtually friendless, in 1836, Burr asked that he might be buried as near as possible to the feet of his father and grandfather in the Princeton burial ground" (Jonathan Edwards: A New Biography, 445). By the way, today is Jonathan Edwards' 302nd birthday (HT: Justin Taylor).


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