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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Spiritual Leadership

Adrian Warnock linked this article by John Piper back in October (I'm still catching up on my blog reading and posting) and I spent a few moments reading it this morning. I am usually disenchanted by the typical Christian/Spiritual leadership definitions and descriptions. "Leadership is influence." In my estimation, this little trite phrase is meaningless when it comes to spiritual leadership. Was Jeremiah (and many of the Old Testament prophets) poor leaders because no one wanted to follow them? Was Moses an inept leader because he (along with Joshua and Caleb) could not influence Israel to go into the promised land after their initial observations? I appreciate John Piper's articulation of spiritual leadership. I thought about posting a few quotes, but really, you should read the whole article. I rarely print out material from the Internet, but this article will go in my prayer book and become a list of items to read and pray over regularly.


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