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Monday, February 06, 2006

The Blogosphere Ate My Post

I tried to post some really good links this past Saturday - I had an exception list drafted, but between the time I started and just after breakfast with my wife, the post was gone. That's right - my blog ate it. Well, I don't know what else to say, except here are a few links to interesting stuff from last week that I wanted to post but . . . A 9 Marks article on "What Makes a Sermon Non-expositional." Well, that's my title for it - their's is: Expostional Imposters. Professor Jim Hamilton posts some good resources for listening to biblical Hebrew and Greek using tools available over the internet: Reading and Hearing Biblical Hebrew Another Hebrew Listening Site Listening to Greek for Free Insights from a TMS professor in Israel on the current state of affairs between the Palestinians and Israelis. A republican voter tries to pose as God while registering to vote. Mohler's interesting quotes from a prize winning novel about a preacher's retrospect on his ministry, especially his life of study and preaching. Mohler also notes how Oxford University is now requiring students to sign a contract stating that they will attend class and do their homework. Why? So the students won't come back and sue the University for providing a bad education. Wow! Expository Thoughts blog takes up the T4G idea of commenting on reading. Helpful stuff here. I'm going to have to try out the new Firefox extention - the Book Buro - helps to find books on the web. An era comes to an end. Jerry Vines preaches his last sermon as pastor of First Baptist Jacksonville, FL. And finally - "Let Michael In!" - they haven't yet.


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