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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Another Salvo From the NY Times

The New York Times prints another salvo in their quest to discredit the idea of a Creator and posit the fact that all exists by random evolutionary, chance mutations. Dr. Daniel C. Dennett engages in "the science" of evolution with the aim of discrediting any idea of Intelligent Design. What does Dr. Dennett know that you don't? How many hours in the lab has he spent? Probably no more than any other non-scientist. Dr. Dennett is a professor of philosophy. Yet, he boldly states that scientists have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that evolution is the sole means and most rational explanation for the production of what exists today. What is Dr. Dennett's scientific appeal? The eye. The eye once used to be binoculars, yet, through happenstance and thousands of years of chance mutations, it transformed into the eye. No, not really. Dr. Dennett suggests that one proof of monkeys becoming men is that the eye has become a better eye over time. Really? He should of used the binoculars analogy - it seems to fit the theory of evolution much better than an eye becoming a better eye. Is this the knockout punch for ID? "Show me the science" - not of parts becoming better parts, but creatures becoming DIFFERENT creatures. Fancy talk Dr. Dennett, but very poor proof.


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