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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Why Conservative Politicians Should Not Be Our Standards

Rick Santorum has been hailed as a possible 2008 presidential candidate and a frequent standard bearer for conservative Christians. He was recently highlighted on the cover of World Maganize and noted for championing conservative Christian values. But according to the referenced Reuters report, he does not hold to a conservative Christian viewpoint on creation. Recognizing that even those within the Intelligent Design community do not all see eye-to-eye on whether the creation of the earth was accomplished in the six days the Bible speaks of or the millions of years proposed by evolutionists, they do all nonetheless acknowledge that the world is not a product of coincidental chance from some uncreated and unprovoked cosmic explosion. Like Senator Frist's latest capitulation, Mr. Santorum's dislike of the creationist position no doubt has much to do with his personal positioning for the next presidential contest, but is another reason why we Christians should stop placing our hope for a livable society in the hands of conservative politicians. Such politicians are more ready to drop the conservative before they do the politician element of their convictions.


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