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Friday, August 05, 2005

The Capranica Villa

Not only is "Capranica" an ancient medieval village, it is about to become a beautiful Tuscan-style villa in Hemet, CA!! As reported earlier, the Capranica home will soon be moving. In a burst of Friday frivolity, I will begin posting a few before and after shots. I must admit up front - we are in fact "trailer people." Alas, we currently live in Southern California and reside in a trailer (I prefer 'Mobile Home' or better yet, 'Manufactured Home.'). So that you can see my present plight, here is a picture of the humble office I am writing from at this very moment (please, don't feel too sorry for us). We happened upon a piece of property in our area (we rent a space currently) that had an old "trailer" on it. Without going into the details, the piece is perfect for the new "manufactured home" we wanted to purchase. However, as you can see, the property needed a bit of tender loving care. No one had resided in the place for several years. The price was right, we would not have to have new utilities installed and our new home would fit snuggly, so we have bought the land, ordered the home and begun the work. "Work" is an understatement. Some of the weeds were around six feet tall. None were shorter than two feet, throughout the 7,000 square foot lot. Inside sets of large cabinets outside the trailer were about a thousand (not an exaggeration) jars of canned fruit. The latest date on the labels was somewhere in the early 90's. So, here are the beginning stages of the new Capranica Villa. As you can see we have a healthy sense of imagination. In the days and weeks to come I will show you a host of updated pictures detailing the progress. If everything progresses the way it has over the past four months our anticipated move-in date will be sometime well after I am dead. However, if the dates provided to us are accurate, the experts predict we will be in a new home by mid October. Please pray.


Blogger Annabel said...

Congratulations! My prayers and thoughts are with you!!!

8/05/2005 05:46:00 PM  

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