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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Challies on Rick Warren & Ashley Smith

Yesterday I read Rick Warren's article from on his plea to pray for Ashley Smith. I was planning to briefly blog about it on Saturday, but Tim Challies' article today spurred me to spew now. Reading the article it was abundantly clear that Warren was going to use Smith to promote his integrationistic programatic approach to sanctification, namely, Celebrate Recovery. Rick's statement from the article was: "Although a believer, Ashley struggled with relapses, like so many who don'’t have the accountability of a Celebrate Recovery group." I am thankful that Warren said what he did. He has revealed that he does not hold to a biblical view of progressive sanctification, and I would suggest that he shows an inadequate view of the gospel itself. I am concerned that the majority of evangelicals will not carefully consider his comments. If one cannot overcome sin without a Celebrate Recovery group, then the viewpoint seems to be that the gospel is only good enough to get one to heaven, but not to make one righteous in character. For that, we need a 12 step program couched in Christian terminology. And do note - it is not that Ashley simply needed Christian support and fellowship from the body of Christ to help her grow in her understanding and application of the Bible (that is NOT what Celebrate Recovery is), nor did she need just any Christian 12 step program, she needed Rick Warren's Celebrate Recovery plan. Without that, she could not overcome her addiction. Furthermore, Warren, by trumpeting Smith's conversion (be sure to read Challies' comments), demonstrates a faulty view of conversion itself. But I digress. I was unaware that Warren and Smith were doing the Larry King Live Show last night, but Tim Challies did. I highly recommend reading his responses to the report (linked in the title of this blog). Warren's comments are a good demonstration of what the seeker movement produces theologically. It should become even more clear why Warren should not represent Christian theology in the public sector.


Blogger Jason E. Robertson said...

great post.

I wish you would do a series of post at FIDE-O on Celebrate Recovery.

10/08/2005 02:33:00 PM  
Blogger boomerga said...

Actually, I think you have no idea what you are talking about. I have been a believer for 25 years, was in full time ministry for 10 years, and I am a recovering sex addict. Of course, most closed minded "name it and claim it" pundits would disagree, and claim there is no such thing as addiction. Believe me, I didnt devleop my life plan to include becoming trapped by the wiles of the internet, becoming literally addicted to online sex, and then crossing the line and becoming an adulterer. It was a series of small choices and the active denial of my need for true sanctification that kept me from getting the help I needed. Instead of reaching out for help when I first recognized this problem, I, instead chose to listen to "closed minded" pundits like you that believe you can deal with all problems through pure spiritual means. I must say that my Celebrate Recovery experience is closer to true spirituality and active sanctification that anything I found in over 20 years of church. I am praying for you. I am praying that you dont end up like I did, after 10 years of ministry. Afraid to ask for help, because I thought that my lack of spirituality was the reason I wanted to masturbate all the time. Or my lack of spirituality was the reason I felt soo good when I could act out in my addiction. Spirituality is the key, but lets not limit God, but putting Him in a box that fits our definition of spirtuality. I believe with all my heart, the first Celebrate Recovery group was the band of men and women that followed Jesus on this earth. The principles of Admitting I am powerless, and the Jesus Christ is all powerful, making a spiritual inventory, forgiving and being forgiven, making amends with others, and reaching out with the message of recovery are core to Jesus' message. I would highly recommend you attend a Celebrate Recovery and really learn what it is all about, and stop assuming.



10/28/2005 11:45:00 AM  

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