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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A Cultural Tuesday

While reading articles on the internet, those I want to re-read or possibly blog about I store in my nifty little e-filing cabinets on my browser (Firefox, of course). Since it has been so long since I did any regular blogging, I need to clean some of these out. Here are a few articles over the past few months that caught my eye: The Anglicans and the Catholics in England are opposed to euthanasia, but don't seem to have any biblical convictions as to why. Al Mohler has some great material on why the stem cell debate is not purely driven by science, especially when new breakthroughs are being made in this area that do not require new fetal tissue. What does Karl Rove keep in his garage? Click HERE. While Hurrican Katrina was disasterous, isn't interesting how BIG the disaster became due to the media hype and political maneuvering - especially when compared to the earthquake in Kashmir. Adrian Warnocks comments were compelling. Al Mohler notes how the Airforce targets evangelicals by calling chaplains to cease and desist in evangelizing airmen. Rick Warren and other seeker-saturated pastors have gathered to get the church to focus on overcoming AIDS. Conveniently, he has repented for those of us who are merely trying to fulfill the great commission and have put our resources into world evangelization rather than world immunization. After hearing Warren on Larry King Live last week, I am more convinced than ever that he has bought into a purely pluralistic Christianity that does not emphasize the exclusive gospel of Jesus Christ, but more of a cultural type of religious experience, however one might wish to define it. In the world's increasing efforts to excuse virtually any deviant behavior, the Canadians in Ontario have come up with a way to release sex offenders from any responsibility for their actions: pretend to be alseep while assaulting someone. Why, because then you could claim that you have sexsomnia, and voila!, you are no longer responsible. Al Mohler notes the beginning of legal same-sex unions in England and cautions Christians against an unrestrained celebration of market captitalism. Good article. The New York Times will do anything to drum up dirt on President Bush's nominee for the Supreme Court, Samuel Alito. They have recently gone after Alito's father as a means to discredit the nominee. Shameless. Here's my local new paper's take on Hollywood's recent marketing love affair with evangelicals. Anything to turn a buck. Now there! My "cultural" file is empty for now of some old, but interesting stories from the past few months. Let's see how current I can keep my self from now on.


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