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Monday, March 06, 2006

Free Market Forced Into Liberalism

Wal-Mart bows to pressure, to stock abortion-causing drug - (BP) No longer can a retail store determine for itself the products it will offer. No longer is it merely the market that will drive retailers to choose the products it will sell. No longer can a company publicly hold or advocate politically incorrect positions through the products they choose to sell or not sell. At least not in Illinois and Massachusettes. These states have already required Wal-Mart to carry an emergency contraceptive pill popularly pushed by pro-abortionists. Wal-Mart was one major retail company that did not initially give in to the pressure to sell the pill. Now Wal-Mart has reversed their previously held priority. It could be that there were so many women wanting to have abortions, that Wal-Mart caved to the financial benefits they were sacrificing by not carrying the stylish pill. Instead, they decided to get into the monetary boon and begin carrying the pill, and pass the blame on to state legislatures that were waiting in the wings to force them to do it anyway. Perhaps, but doubtful. With South Dakota's decision to challenge Roe v. Wade, and Wal-Mart's decision to make abortion more convenient, the culture war over this issue may soon reach a new intensity. But Wal-Mart's decision is even more troublesome. Now the state is legislating what must be sold in the market. This cannot be a good sign for American Democracy and free trade.


Blogger Justice said...

surprising wal-mart gave in since all i hear is how they rule the world. Of all the things to bend on. Would Sam have bent if he were still alive??

3/11/2006 05:23:00 PM  

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