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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Evangelicals (?) Are Now Green! What's Missing Here?

Evangelical Leaders Join Global Warming Initiative - New York Times Big names of prominent evangelical Christian leaders (and some who I'm not sure would link themselves otherwise with evangelicals), say we need national legislation to deal with global warming. I watched Rick Warren this past weekend on Fox News defend his participation in this endeavor. He linked it to our responsibility to be good stewards of the planet, as God commanded in Genesis one. He began by saying he never promotes any specific legislation, but he is definitely against the Kyoto treaty and he is definitely for new congressional legislation. Is this what happens when evangelicals have become too prominent in their respective communities. They then need to turn to more global causes that will gain them a larger audience and a bigger cause? Has the Great Commission become too boring to pursue any longer? Or perhaps this global initiative business is the very key that Jesus needs to usher in the fulfilment of the Great Commission. Where will the leading evangelical voices in our country go next? What will be the next great secular situation we will fix through our influence? Stay tuned. See Dennis Swanson on this subject: Part 1 and Part 2


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