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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Cable TV Caters to Homosexuality

While it is not the first cable station to target homosexuals, the new Logo cable TV channel is the first to be sponsored by a major media conglomerate. The executives behind the launch of Logo promise that their new channel devoted to extolling homosexuality with be "family friendly." Who is behind the launch of this new channel in cable entertainment? Why, none other than the bastions of family friendly cable entertainment: MTV, of course. The providers of wholesome family fun as Beavis and his unmentionable friend and The Osbornes, now want to provide a new channel for your whole family to enjoy. The verbal attacks on Christianity were not hidden in the news article referenced: One homosexual satelite channel operator stated, "I don't think anybody has become more tolerant of gay people. The Christian right still says we're going to be condemned and we're going to be in hell." Interesting. Islam, orthodox Judaism, and most other major world religions would reject homosexuality as a morally acceptable lifestyle. Why only single out conservative Christianity? Hmm. Will this be a channel dominated by sex? Logo says they will tread lightly here and make their entertainment more about life than merely the bedroom. I bet I'm not the only one skeptical. Not even the mainstream media can provide programming that is not tained with sexually explicit material. It is hard to believe that a segment of society that is defined by a specific sexual orientation will not be dominated by sexually explicit material. This channel celebrating an enslaving sin reminds us of how much more we need to aggressively make known the freedom found in the gospel of Jesus Christ (1 Corinthains 6:9-11).


Blogger mrclm said...

Just another reason I'm glad I'm not giving any money to a cable/dish company. I wish things like this still had the ability to surprize me, but instead they are just par for the world's current course.

6/29/2005 08:06:00 AM  

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