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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Favorite Preachers

Adrian Warnock recently extended a call to the Christian blogosphere to list up to five of our favorite preachers. As I think through the preachers I find myself gravitating toward through my tape (yep, I still have a billion of them and I occasionally still pop one in), CD and mp3 players, the following seem to gain most of my attention: John MacArthur, Pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California, whose preaching is featured through the famed, Grace to You. Dr. MacArthur is my preaching hero. No other expositor of Scripture has influenced me more. Alistair Begg, pastor of Parkside Church in Cleveland, Ohio, and featured speaker through the Truth for Life media ministry. When I heard Begg a few years ago at a Pastor's meeting in Ontario, CA, I was hooked. Daniel I. Block. Dr. Block has recently become a personal favorite. Until only a few weeks ago, Dr. Block was the John R. Sampey Professor of Old Testament Interpretation at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Currently he serves as professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College. Through a recent seminar with Dr. Block and listening to a number of his messages, he has become my favorite Old Testament preacher. Mark Dever, pastor at Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington, D.C., and executive director of 9 Marks Ministries, became a favorite first through what I read and eventually through his preaching ministry. John Piper, pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, MN, and featured through Desiring God Ministries, has been a long-time favorite. His expository exultation is always a refreshment to my soul.


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