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Saturday, December 10, 2005

A Saturday of Note 12-10-05

As I did Tuesday, I do today - empty my "Of Note" file for Saturday. Here are a few articles I've found interesting over the past few months - a few of these have little to do with anything genuinely significant, but noteworthy nonetheless: Did you read about the oldest noodles every found? This is an important find for an Italian (even if they were in China). Did you miss Challies on Halloween? Well, read it in preparation for next year. Al Mohler comments on the Federal Government agreeing to help rebuild some religious institutions, but just not churches in the wake of the hurricanes this past season. Al Mohler on doped up kids. We love to medicate rather than educate and discipline these days. If you want to stay employed - don't use a Mac - stick with a PC. Denny Burk has some good comments on what's wrong with Evangelicalism. Another result of people rejecting inerrancy: The 100 Minute Bible. Only the important parts of the Bible are included here, in a format that will let you read daily for two minutes or less. Yes, by all means, that is what people need today, less doses of the Scripture, and only those portions chosen by who knows who? Here's an interesting tool - a parallel Bible - Greek and the ESV. This is a good alternative to the previous link. In fact, if two minutes is all you have time for in the Bible, try reading consecutively through a passage of the Bible for only two minutes a day. That is a much better idea. Here is the diet plan I am going to follow this Christmas. Surround myself with choclate covered cherries and make it my goal to lose twenty. It worked for this guy. Speaking of Christmas, have you heard what Spurgeon thought of it? Even though there should be no complaining this year about the BCS National Championship matchup, you know there will be. Really? If I preach on Narnia, I could get a measly $1,000.00? Oh puleeeeezh! Do you actually think I am capable of competing with seeker saturated types who have been preaching on Narnia for months? I'll stick with the Bible and my humble salary. Erotic moments from the Bible? These guys must have some connection with the 100 minute Bible. This recent study made my week. More coffee please - skip the scotch. Pastor James, here is another reason why you need to start drinking coffee. Why are we surprised about seeker saturated mega churches closing on Christmas Sunday? For many of these, I'm praying that it works so well, they make a New Year's resolution to do it weekly in '06 Ok - that empties the file. Now, back to the important things you were already engaged in.


Blogger Jason E. Robertson said...

How about a post at Fide-O, we miss you, man.

12/14/2005 10:20:00 PM  
Blogger Bret Capranica said...

Well, I was, uh, well, - going to, but, it seems that I have no acess. My doghouse days appear to continue.

12/15/2005 06:53:00 AM  

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