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Thursday, January 26, 2006

How to Be a Healthy Charismatic Purpose Driven Church

Want to know how to be charismatic, give prophetic utterances in the name of the Lord in public services and still be seeker saturated? Just read the linked article. In this particular church, giving the community what they wanted caused a devoted charismatic church to change their theology in order to gain in attendance. Today if you want to speak for God in the service you have to turn in your statement to the church leadership for approval and they will change it and deliver it to the congregation - so that the unbelievers will not feel out of place. After all the argumentation for public expression of the gifts in charismatic churches, this is interesting. I was wondering how the charismatic movement was embracing the seeker saturated approach to ministry. Now I know. What is even more interesting is how these charismatic congregations can still maintain their so-called prophetic theology and if they veil it, they suddenly become a more "healthy" congregation. Interesting stuff. I have more respect for charismatics who wrestle with the biblical text to defend their theology and attempt to practically apply it to their ministry context than I do for those who become so saturated with the seeker driven approach that they now cave in their convictions in order to gain in attendance. Here is another way to become seeker centered rather than God centered and pronounce yourself a healthy church.


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