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Monday, February 13, 2006

From Dallas to Jacksonville

FBC Jacksonville to vote on Dallas' Mac Brunson as new pastor - (BP) First Baptist Church, Dallas will soon be without a pastor. . . again. Mac Brunson, who followed O.S. Hawkins, who followed Joel Gregory who followed W. A. Criswell (who followed the founding pastor, George Truett), will preach 'in view of a call' next Sunday at First Baptist Church of Jacksonville. I can't help but believe that this is another sign of the times - and the times don't seem to be that stable. Many of the significant voices that were used of God to bring change to the Southern Baptist Convention are now leaving the scene. Adrian Rodgers and W. A. Criswell gone to glory. Draper and Vines to retirement. Morris Chapman is not getting any younger. There is a change in the air. It is an interesting thought to consider what kind of leadership these mega ministries will now have and what sort of leadership will now begin to replace the passing generation of the conservative resergeance. Adrian Rodgers held a Q & A with students from The Master's Seminary back in the late 90s. I asked Dr. Rodgers, after all he had been through and seen and from his present vantage point, what he thought was the Convention's greatest challenge ahead. He did not hesitate. He said leadership. Without details, he intimated that he was concerned about the next generation of leaders, that they had more of a corporate, not ministry mindset. He reminisced about the days of prayer and fellowship with past conservative leaders. I am certainly at no vantage point to reflect on the current state of leadership in our convention. But with the passing of the old guard, my mind does wonder.


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