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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Brokeback Backlash?

Brokeback Backlash? Annie Proulx Speaks Her (Very Angry) Mind Al Mohler posts some facinating quotations from Annie Proulx and her despair that the homosexual agenda did not get the ratings she was hoping for (demanding?). Read these quotes regarding the Homosexual community's outraget that "their" movie did not garner the Best Picture Academy Award. How unique- she's upset with Hollywood because they did not support her agenda. Her take is that L.A. is too conservative. CONSERVATIVE?? Has she ever lived here? If L.A. and the movie industry she is criticizing is too conservative, I would hate to see a culture dominated by what she feels is moderate or worse liberal. BTW, Newsweek had an interesting blurb about how poorly Brokeback did at the box office. Maybe the Academy isn't too conservative, they just made a distinction between the Homosexual agenda and the actual merits of the movie.


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