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Thursday, June 30, 2005

This Explains the 11 Police Cars

Our local paper notes today that there was an arrest spree held yesterday in the city of San Jacinto. Now we know what was going on when eleven police cars and officers in full-blown military garb descended on the house across from our church offices (this is the second time). Our church sits in a very interesting location. The south sides of our property is surrounded by new homes and a middle class neighborhood. The north side of the property (where our office is) is surrounded by crime infested homes and lower income families. We enjoy the ministry position God has providentially provided. Before the church bought the property to the north, the home that now houses our office was frequented by police drug raids. The gospel knows no limits in who it can reach. And we value reaching out with its liberating power to those who have been enslaved by materialism and those who are chained by drugs and gangs. May God grant us compassionate hearts and ready tongues to spread the Word of Truth in our very needy community.


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